In alignment with item #5 on "The List:  101 Skills Girls Should Master Before Entering the 9th Grade" by Girls Rule!, the SewnPerfect Workshop Series will provide blossoming fashionistas with a fun, engaging and unique opportunity to enhance their mathematic, reading comprehension, organizational and planning skills as they learn to design and construct their own one-of-a-kind garments, accessories and other creative fashion projects. 

Added Benefits:  SewnPerfect fashion design and sewing classes teaches girls to make quality fashions and life decisions.  The series was designed to help girls to expand their creativity while exploring potential career pathways and teaching valuable life skills.

Classes will be conducted at the sites listed beneath each module (below), and may also be delivered in schools, churches, community organizations or as an in-home SewnPerfect Party.

Winter Registration Now Open!

SewnPerfect Foundations:  Express Class
May 5, 2012 , Harold Washington Conference Center
400 South State Street

learn to:
design using SewnPerfect! design techniques, fold, measure and properly cut fabric, master basic stitches

your very own one-of-a-kind fashion tutu

skirt fabric chosen from our fabric 'basics' collection, all required notions, and accessories, take home reference workbook, and lots of fun!

Price:  $45  

Fashion Star SewnPerfect Intensive - 4 Days, 4 Projects 
Beginning Saturdays in May 2012
Harold Washington Conference Center
400 South State Street

learn to:
design using design templates and principles, operate the sewing machine, safely use the iron, set grommets

Project A: a one of a kind fashion skarf    Project B:  elegant scented sachet
Project C:  customized skirt     Project D:  uniquely embellished hand bag

invitation to present your fashions at our upcoming fashion event tote or purse and skirt fabric chosen from our fabric 'basics' collection, design pattern, all required notions, take home reference materials, and lots of fun!

Price:  $220 (reg. $295)  (4 classes)

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Please email or phone us at 312-479-0789.
Dining Matters:
Uninterrupted time sharing a meal with adults helps children to observe and learn table manners.

When was the last time you sat around the dinner table at home and shared a cooked meal?

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Welcome to SewnPerfect, a design and fashion workshop series for girls ages 7 - 16.
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