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Felicity—Stories from Colonial America

Felicity Merriman® is an independent, loyal, spirited girl growing up in colonial Virginia in 1774, just before the Revolutionary War. Felicity® is impatient doing the “sitting-down kinds of things” that colonial girls are expected to do. She much prefers to be outdoors, especially riding horses! In her stories, Felicity learns about loyalty and responsibility—to her family, her friends, and her country—and what it means to be truly independent.

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Felicity Just For Fun

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Felicity Boxed Set
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Meet Felicity

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Felicity Learns a Lesson
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A Book Store with a Social Mission

The Bringin' Books Back Book Store is an extention of Girls Rule! and the Bringin Books Back Book Club whose mission is to support literacy, esteem and life skill development programs for young ladies residing in urban communities.

Invest in a Bud of Promise

Your investment in products from this book store help young ladies to confront and overcome subtle messages about their value and potential while
equiping them with valuable life
skills through innovative programs
like, The Etiquette Imperative,
Me2Be, EYE for Change
and more.

   Felicity's Surprise

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