The Etiquette Imperative Tip of the Day:

It is inappropriate for undergarments to visible while in public. That includes bra straps...even as we enjoy summer temperature and fashions.

Evening News with Katie Couric Segment
Take a sneak peek!

Dawn Turner-Trice's Chicago Tribune column, "Girls Rule! Helps Girls To Help Themselves" >>read<< or take a sneak peek.

Dining Etiquette Matters:
Uninterrupted time sharing a meal with adults helps children to observe and learn table manners.

When was the last time you sat around the dinner table at home and shared a cooked meal?

In the news:

The Etiquette Imperative featured on Fox News   

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Teaching children to resolve conflict through civility and etiquette mastery.
Launching:  Civility and Etiquette Awareness Month, May, 2014


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